As you may remember, our nut butter + pretzel Snack Packs made their initial debut last summer as part of the Made to Matter- Handpicked by Target collection. We are excited to announce that our NEW + IMPROVED Snack Packs will be launching in retailers nationwide beginning this spring!


Justins-SnackPack-FamilyTrio-Gray-1You will soon find our Snack Packs on shelves with a newer, stronger wheat pretzel to make for an even better on-the-go snacking experience. Not only is it our goal to ensure we are providing our fans with the most delicious nut butters, nut butter snacks and peanut butter cups, but we also want to deliver a fun eating experience! By pairing delicious wheat pretzels with our softer nut butters, our new Snack Packs will bring even more joy with every dip and dunk.

Almond_desk_Available in three delicious nut butter and pretzel combinations, the Snack Pack provides convenient nutrition on-the-go for kids and adults alike with 4-6g of protein for just 180-190 calories per pack.

And since we’re speaking of new… we have another nutty innovation in the works. Hold on to your snacks and stay tuned for an exciting announcement this summer!