Taste Test: Go Nuts

Posted on 04.12.2013


“Best Flavored: Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter A blend of dry roasted almonds, cocoa butter and cane sugar, this slightly gritty spread tastes like nutty brownie batter. Layer it onto toast with bananas or-who are we kidding- just grab a spoon and dig in!”  

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Ask Men’s Health

Posted on 03.12.2013


Can I really lose weight by eating more peanut butter? “Justin’s Classic Almond Butter: Almonds have more fiber than peanuts, making this a filling alternative to traditional PB. Justin’s stands out for its smoothness and subtly sweet flavor. ”    

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Snack Stars

Posted on 03.12.2013


If You’re Craving Nutty, try Justin’s Honey Almond Butter Squeeze Packs. A protein rich-almond butter you can eat from the packet-or try it spread on apple slices.”  

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Move Over, Nutella!

Posted on 01.12.2013


“Justin’s nut butters are a revelation-your breakfast routine will never be the same! These organic, gluten-free, and sustainably harvested products come in six varieties, including Maple Almond Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, both of which are melt-in-your-mouth delicious!”        

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Kelly Serra Donovan Favorites

Posted on 01.12.2013


“Kelly coauthored a popular kitchen-design blog along with her mother, renowned kitchen designer, Susan Serra. Here, Kelly shares her favorites… Justin’s Maple Almond Butter”  

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Baking Contest

Posted on 01.12.2013


“Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Cakes… We couldn’t believe that such a delectable dessert was actually clean!”  

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Posted on 12.11.2012


“Justin’s, made in Colorado…have no hydrogenated oils or corn syrup.”  

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Munchie Makeover

Posted on 10.11.2012


“Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter: This spread is made primarily of heart-healthy hazelnuts. Layer a tablespoon on apple slices.”  

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6 Healthy Grab-And-Go Snacks

Posted on 09.12.2012


“#2: Nut Butter & Banana: This protein-and-potassium-filled duo is the perfect sweet fix. Justin’s 200-calorie-or-less servings are a traveler’s dream-no knife needed! Squeeze the all-natural butter right onto a banana for a sweet, energizing snack that curbs hunger.”  

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Natural Selection

Posted on 08.12.2012


“Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter: My favorite snack for getting through long days.”  

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