Living Well Mom; Oct. 2015

Even if your family doesn’t have dietary restrictions, you may wonder what other options there are besides just candy. A little candy may be fine for most children, but at Halloween there is just SO MUCH sugar! How do we get the kids to turn in the candy or choose something healthier? Trade in some of that sugar for a few fun healthier options this Halloween. Here’s a list of 25+ Healthy Halloween Treats for kids that are both kid and mom-approved. And guess what? They are all gluten free!

Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups or Justin’s Snack Packs. These delicious treats are gluten free and so tasty, your kids (and you!) won’t even realize you’re making a better choice than the usual Halloween junk! Justin’s has dark, milk, and white chocolate, plus mini organic peanut butter cups.

You can also find Justin’s Snack Packs – a convenient on-the-go options for enjoying Justin’s tasty nut butters. Our family loves Justin’s and will definitely be enjoying these as a healthier choice this Halloween.

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Oct 2015 - Justin's in Living Well Mom - 25+ Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids