Cool Mom Eats; Aug. 2015

There’s always that compromise you have to make between convenience foods and healthy foods when it comes to kids’ snacks, and I get it. I definitely admit to leaning more towards convenience when we’re on the road and occasionally when packing school lunches, which is why I was cheering (seriously, I cheered) when I had the opportunity to try Justin’s new snack packs. These bundles combine gluten-free pretzels with Justin’s organic nut butters in one handy, hand-it-to-your-kid-over-your-shoulder-in-the-back-seat pack.

I became a Justin’s maple almond butter devotee when I first discovered it at the International Fancy Food show many years ago, and still buy it for myself. (It’s a little pricy for me to hand it to the kids who don’t appreciate it the way I do.) You can find that truly addictive flavor in their new snack packs, along with classic almond butter and Justin’s fantastic version of Nutella, which is an organic, natural chocolate-hazelnut blend.

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Aug 2015 - Justin's in Cool Mom Eats - 12 Healthy new lunch products for back to school