Justin’s Nut Butters

Justin’s has a large variety of nut butter products that your kids will love. My favorites are these squeezable packs. You just squish them up to mix them well and then eat it with fruit or crackers. You could even eat it plain if you wanted! My favorite way to eat Justin’s squeeze packs in on apples. I cut up and apple and squeeze some on. It is a great treat and ones your kids will love either after school or during lunch! The banana chips and nut butter snack packs are another great lunch treat option.
Justin’s makes their products in small batches to ensure a higher quality of product. It works because these are delicious!
Justin’s offers exceptional, great tasting nut butters for all, available in 16 oz. jars and 1.15 oz. squeeze packs that provide on-the-go protein, convenience and portion controlled options.