Today Show Online; Aug. 2015

Need to Avoid Peanuts? See Which Alternative Nut Butters Kids Like Most

With the rising number of food allergies, peanut products have been banned from many school lunchrooms for years now, out of concern for allergic students. But that doesn’t mean parents have to forsake the convenience of a PB&J sandwich—just make it with an alternative-nut butter. Oh, but you tried almond butter and your kid hates it? And it’s $8 a jar so you’re afraid to try another brand? We hear you—that’s why we tried every jar of alternative-nut butter we could get our hands on, and had a panel of kid tasters try them for you. Here are their favorites, plus a couple of new peanut-free nut snacks for lunchboxes…


A pioneer in the high-quality nut-butter movement, Justin Gold started his company as a 20-something just over a decade ago, after looking for better fuel for his long bike rides. And these new peel-and-dip packs of pretzels and maple almond butter are an easy, fun way for the kids to get their protein in at lunch. The maple almond butter is just sweet enough, and the pretzels are gluten-free. $2 each

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