Entrepreneur; June 2016

This Couple Trusted Their Gut to Reinvent an Organic Grocery Store

“I’ll never forget my initial meeting with Bo,” Justin Gold says. The two of them were standing in Lucky’s receiving warehouse, talking about Gold’s new line of nut butter, called Justin’s. This was 2005, and Gold’s brand was new back then. He was constantly touring around trying to get it onto shelves, and usually he had to go through an elaborate pitch and a mess of paperwork. Bo wasn’t interested in any of that. “There wasn’t a formal review process; simply a handshake and the opportunity to prove myself,” Gold says. “Bo and Trish are themselves entrepreneurs, and their willingness to try new items has helped launch a lot of brands, including my own.” (And to great effect: In May, Hormel bought Justin’s for $286 million.) And so, the Sharons didn’t need to think much about stocking Justin Gold’s nut butter, or many of the other thousands of small-batch products they’ve stocked over the years. “Justin in particular had an incredible passion for food and his product when he started out,” Bo says. “I think fellow entrepreneurs find inspiration in each other, which I have always found in Justin. He was going to make his nut butter empire a realization no matter what.”

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